Pep Guardiola Impossible to win the treble again

After winning the treble last season, everyone thought that Manchester City would be at the height of their confidence in the next season as well. However, City boss Guardiola is reluctant to bask in the euphoria of the previous season. He put his feet on the ground before the start of the season.

The English Premier League is considered to be the most competitive league in Europe. But Pep Guardiola has left this league aside. Manchester City have won five of the last six seasons. After the last season, many people thought that City would show such power in the league in the next season as well. However, the coach of the team, Pep Guardiola, is not stepping on the ground. He told the fans not to expect them to win the treble in the next season like last season.

The new season of the English Premier League is starting. Pep said in his press conference before taking the field against Burnley: What we did last season is no longer possible. It happens once in a lifetime. We were on the cusp of success last season. But in the last two days I have come down from there, and now I am starting fresh.”

Despite giving up hope of winning the triple, the City boss is keeping his sights high. He said “Everyone has the same goal. But to climb as high as possible, you have to go down a difficult path. Our style of play and mentality will determine how the new season will go.

City’s one-time captain was Vincent Kompany, now Burnley’s coach. Manchester City starts the new season with a match against him. Guardiola thinks it will be great to start the new season with a match against a former pupil. The city boss also thinks that the fight between these two teams will be intense. Pep Guardiola said, “From the first day of the Championship, he (the company) has only been winning; Which is very hard work. His team has incredible power. Have a dream of doing well. He knows my team very well. The match is going to be difficult.

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