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Barcelona’s Messi, PSG’s Messi, and Inter Miami’s Messi Lionel Messi spent time in three places and is spending it in different atmospheres. While in Barcelona, the Argentine star always had a smile on his face. If you saw him on the field, you could understand that he was enjoying the game.

Inter Miami’s Messi is cheerful and full of life. As if he is playing while laughing. Between 2021 and 2023, Messi played for PSG for two seasons. He didn’t seem very happy there. This is what Messi said after going to Inter Miami. He was not good in Paris.

Nashville will face Messi’s club, Inter Miami, in the League Cup final. Messi spoke at the press conference organised on this occasion. This is also his first press conference after signing up for US Soccer.

The questions about whether Messi’s first press conference in the United States was not limited to the League Cup final
Making his mark in US soccer, leaving Barcelona to join PSG, potentially winning the Ballon d’Or— Journalists asked Messi about everything.

Regarding leaving Barcelona and joining PSG, Messi said, “I didn’t really want to go to PSG. I didn’t want to leave Barcelona, and it was very difficult for me to leave Barcelona and go to PSG.’

Before leaving PSG, Barcelona’s former club, Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia, had been mentioned as Messi’s next destination, along with Miami. There were also strong rumours that he would visit the country in the Middle East due to the presence of Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambassador. But not Al Hilal or Barcelona; Messi chose the American club.

Messi said that he took the decision after a lot of thought and time: ‘I am very happy here. This is the place Where I want to come. We have been making this decision for a long time. It’s not like I have arrived at a decision after thinking about today and tomorrow.’

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