Inter Miami's semi-final opponent's coach said Playing against Messi is an honor.

It is not the first time Lionel Messi has heard the word! From his own team’s coach and teammates to the opposing coach and players, most of the time, Messi has been specially respected. This time, Messi received such an Honor before entering the field in the semi-finals of the League Cup.

Messi will play against Philadelphia on August 16 in the last four. Jim Curtin, the coach of that team, talked about trying to give his best against Messi. He also said that playing against Messi is also an Honor.

Messi has scored eight goals in five matches so far in Miami. Scored one more goal with teammates. scored one goal each in the first and fifth matches out of five. Sometimes he scored a pair of goals in three matches. The most important thing is that the Argentine captain shines at the most important time. Messi, who has scored in the first five matches of the League Cup, wants to do something great in the semi-finals as well. That was evident in the caption of the Instagram post after the win against Charlotte. Messi wrote there, ‘I have reached the semi-finals. Good times are coming for our team in the semi-finals.

Before the semi-final, Philadelphia’s coach said, “It’s an honor to play against Messi.” But when the game starts, I know our boys will give their best, no matter who is on the field. If Messi, Busquets, and Alba are on the field, we have to believe in ourselves and play our own strategy.

No matter how much debate there is on the question of who is the best of all time, in the eyes of Jim Curtin, Messi is the best of all time. ‘Messi is the best of all time. Subaru Park is going to witness one of the most hyped matches ever. Messi arrived in Major League Soccer in the latest transfer window, He brought many big stars with him. It is difficult for me as a coach to deal with this team.

Barcelona’s two former teammates, Alba and Busquets, have been met by Messi in Miami. The Philadelphia coach said Messi, Also, with Alba and Busquets’ chemistry, “They understand each other very well. It seems as if they play a game of their own. They know when and where to give Messi the ball. It’s fun to watch.’

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