Di Maria's goal again in the final match Angel Di Maria News
Di Maria's goal again in the final match Angel Di Maria News

It is Angel Di Maria’s habit to shine in big matches. 36 years later, Angel Di Maria’s performance in the final to lift Argentina to the World Cup in Qatar will not be soon forgotten. As long as he was on the field, he left France dancing. The all-conquering footballer proved once again why he is called the player of the big match. This time, however, for the club He scored the club’s first title of the season.

Premier League giants Porto and Benfica met in the Portuguese Super Cup on Wednesday, August 9. The game between the two teams was scoreless until the 61st minute of the match. After that, Angel Di Maria, the Argentine star who won the World Cup, returned to Benfica. The team won the title by scoring a goal. Peter Mussa scored the other goal in Benfica’s 2-0 win.

Be it a club or a national team, the presence of Di Maria in the final match means that the team’s victory is almost guaranteed. 12 years after Real Madrid completed ‘La Decima’ by winning the Champions League, Di Maria was still the man of the match in the final. And in front of his feats in the sky-white jersey of the Albiceleste, even the greats are nothing. Argentina, who won the Copa America in 2021, eliminated their long-standing title holders. Di Maria scored the only goal against Brazil in that final.

Just what Copa America! Di Maria then scored against Euro champions Italy in La Finalissima and France in the World Cup final. More important than the goals, all the others paled in comparison to his brilliance while he was on the field in these two matches.

The same thing happened again in the final of the Portuguese Cup. Di Maria was on the field from the beginning of the match.
He returned to his first address in Europe when Juventus released him this season. Although he has lost a bit of weight with age, he is still very effective. He proved that in the match. Changed the face of the game in the blink of an eye.

Porto handled Benfica well until 61 minutes on this day. The attack was also rising steadily. But immediately after that, Di Maria took the match out of Porto’s reach. Di Maria rushed in with the ball pushed by his teammate on the right side. Then he sent the ball to the far post with a corner-placing shot. Seven minutes later, Benfica’s win was confirmed by Musa’s goal. The man of the match award went to Maria. This is his first title since returning to Benfica.

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